My name is Nigel and this is a simple blog about a different way to live your life. For a further introduction to the material contained within read the Longform summary of the articles contained within. There are shorter posts as well on topics which interest me, hopefully these will build towards longer ones.

This blog began as a thought experiment into how to live life and is slowly growing from there. There is no regular posting schedule as that would go against the entire ethos of ‘Slow Living’ and what it means to be ‘Functional’.

The posts I write are often personal in nature, writing here is as much an exercise in self discovery and self learning as it is a method of sharing to a wider audience. As such, it is raw and I share details of my own struggles while attempting to place these struggles in context.

I prefer to use ‘simple’ references where possible. I have no shame in citing Wikipedia though it is often not where my knowledge and thinking itself has come from. This practice is due to a desire to provide a starting point for an individual to conduct their own research into a topic.

Please note, this blog used to be called slowlivingrevolution before I merged it with my other blog Functionally Mad.


There are no comments or discussion based technologies enabled on this board. I will set up a method of contacting me in the future.

Blog Technology

This blog is powered by Hugo and uses the Black & Light theme created by David Hamp-Gonsalves. It is an entirely static site with header styles and no Javascript. The site is hosted by Netlify who provides one of the fastest ways to get a blog online that I have experienced to date.

The preferred writing format is longer form.


There is no advertising on this site and there are no tracking based analytics present on this site from my end (Netlify may track you). There are no social media buttons on this site, if you wish to share the material here please feel free. I do not store any information about who you are or what you do. I do not track what you do with the content that I provide here but I would request that if you wish to use the information on this blog that you credit it back to me. I will not use legal means to force this unless you’re an awful person who is wholesale stealing my thoughts.