Open Door- 12th September 2020

September 2020 · 800 words · 4 minute read

This is the second addition of the “Open Door” series in which I write down some of the different things that I’ve been working on. Once again, a very loose structure:

Index Cards

Have found that I don’t really have the energy/effort to write recipes out by hand onto these so that was a bit of a bust.

On the other hand, for workouts the format is absolutely ideal and I’m going to keep using it. Having each workout on a small self contained card is fantastic.


Have finished the Arduino Starter Kit as well as picking up an ESP32, DHT22 sensor and a Capacitive moisture sensor. Still learning as I’m going here but it’s been really nice to tinker with things and be able to create something tangible.

The next items on the list are to work on using an external power supply so that I can shift beyond having things tethered to my computer and work on soldering as well. Ideally, want to be able to create a stand alone sensor with soldered on components and a power supply that I can move around.

One thing I have been tossing up is whether it’s possible to utilise LiPo batteries for some of these projects. I think it’s possible but at the same time LiPo batteries can be pretty harsh. Not sure if my skills are sufficient to go down that avenue.

Instead, I’m going to work on getting the ESP32 powered sensor up and running as well as pick up some soldering gear as I’ll need to learn how to do this. Soldering will be an interesting step for me, something I haven’t done in more than a decade.

I also need to get a Garduino working

Face Alignment and Cropping

Am still taking the photos but I haven’t got back around to doing this yet.

Physical Training

Getting into a nice rhythm on this now. Have settled on a split as follows:

This structure lets me hit everything twice a week.

On that note, I’ve set myself a few running goals. It’s nice just being outside at the moment since I spend so much time indoors. My cardio fitness is, in a word, horrific at the moment so it would be good to improve it. Going to aim for 2-3 runs per week at the moment and try to build the distance back up to 5km first. Once I get there I’ll try to pick the pace up.

In “wins” I’ve successfully got my single rep Free Balance Handstand Pushup back which is a fantastic result. Really excited to keep training it in order to make it more consistent and begin to build up to reps. Something about the exercise that I love at the moment.

Work Goals

Personal Finances


Have been getting inspired by a lot of DIY projects recently and keen to do a few of my own. Looks like I’ll need an initial investment in some tools in order to get started but once I’ve begun I should be able to get a few things under my belt. Watch this space. First project -> Magnetic Knife Block.

Other Things