Open Door - 29th September 2020

September 2020 · 1000 words · 5 minute read

The third edition of the “Open Door” series where I write down some of the different things that are floating around my head.


Have got a working DHT22 based sensor working using the ESP32. Managed to learn Docker and Docker Compose so I was able to get Home Assistant working on my local machine. I still need to move this to a Raspberry Pi or other equivalent style server so that it’s not linked to my desktop but this is a really good start.

I’ve also picked up some soldering gear as part of a push towards buying more tools so that I can work on things in a more unconstrained manner, this is a bit more of an investment into the future as I haven’t really used it yet but this is still a “watch this space” kind of idea.

Also toying with the idea of picking up some cheapish ESP8266 NodeMCU chips to use instead of the ESP32. They’re about 1/3rd the price of the ESP32 chip that I was using which could be really good. I’ve seen some things which state the ESP8266 is a bit harder to use and I went down a couple rabbit holes regarding things like Tasmota and the like which I probably didn’t need to. That’s okay but not really essential.

Note Taking

I’m still thinking about the best way to approach this going forward, I still have my old mkdocs instance which is “okay” to use. Potentially I could dockerise this and put it on a Raspberry Pi as well so that I have a notes instance for myself. The problem I’ve found is that the instance is incredibly slow to render and that it feels quite limiting.

I’ve been looking at other alternatives like Obsidian and Roam but I’m not sure if I like Roams closed source approach and Obsidian is also quite pricey for the synchronising option at $4 (USD) a month which isn’t the best. I’ve also toyed with Notion as well which once again doesn’t seem to fit my use case. I found the “Zettelkasten” plugin for Sublime Test 3 a bit too unstable and it was in the same spot as the local Mkdocs instance that I’ve been running.

I wonder if I could potentially use Hugo to do this but I’d likely need to spin up a bunch of custom templates to make it work for my use case.

Thinking a little bit more out loud, I want a place where I can:

  1. Write structured text (headers/links/bold/italic)
  2. Include code snippets and samples
  3. View the rendered output, I don’t want to be staring at raw markdown all the time
  4. Is searchable
  5. Can handle tables in a semi coherent fashion
  6. Can handle equations

Dilemma dilemma.

Physical Training

This is progressing well.

I’m also thinking about creating my own pulley system so that I can more finely control the support that I’m getting in different positions, this is predominately for the one arm chin training but it could likely be adapted to things like the planche. Something to think about.

Work Goals

Personal Finances

Turns out the real estate sector is opening up a month earlier than I had planned following the COVID lockdowns. Will need to keep building the cash deposit and look to purchase in the next three months.

Need to sort my tax out as well for the last fin year.

Markets are volatile.


Have started a new series loosely titled “Redundancy” which should span 5-6 articles once I’m done with it. This is based on a set of ideas which has been bouncing around my head for awhile. I’m going to take the time to explore them fully in my own mind at least before publishing.

Other Things