Open Door - 11th October 2020

October 2020 · 700 words · 3 minute read

Another week another Open Door session. I’m still under a fairly restrictive, governmentally, enforced lockdown at the moment. The efficacy and the implications of which are most definitely not for this particular post. Regardless, this means that it is difficult for me to leave my home and do things so I’m still on the WFH and home projects band wagon.


This was going really well, I taught myself how to solder last week which was good. Can definitely see it as a level up. Unfortunately, I decided to try out a different supplier for parts in the most recent batch that I bought and they haven’t even shipped yet so there is a slight pause here. Lesson learned, sometimes cheaper costs you in other ways.

Physical Training

Still going well, consistently getting:

I am currently nursing a shoulder injury/overwork injury which is a bid niggly. Makes it hard to hit the pulling movements effectively at this stage.

Weight is continuing to lean out, am now consistently down below 83kg which is good. Starts to feel a bit better at this level. It’s definitely slower than it maybe should be if I was doing this aggressively but I don’t have the mental willpower to handle that level of calorie deficit at the moment.

In other news, I cracked a 5km run for the first time in probably five years a few days ago. It was slow as fuck and I felt like I was going to die but managed to push through to complete it. I’m still running 2x per week at the moment as I see to push towards a faster 5km time as well as being able to run a 10km. It’s funny, though I still hate running I’m beginning to hate it a little bit less as I get fitter. I’m also noticing some ancillary benefits flowing through to others parts of my life.

Aligned Photo a Day GIF

Managed to get DLib working to determine the “Frontal Faces” via this script. Wasted a decent amount of time trying to figure out how to compile the library using CUDA so that I could effectively use the CNN version but eventually just decided it’s not worth it.

Am currently waiting on an SD card reader to be able to move everything across to my main PC without having to go via dropbox or something on my laptop. This was also delayed from a shipping perspective due to a single $3 USB cable which is pretty unfortunate…

Either way, parts are now on their way and I have the code working so should be able to get a working prototype of this up and running in the next update.


This has been slow going. Hard to juggle when tired, calorie deprived and stressed from work. It’s not that I don’t have the time, instead I’ve been lacking the muse.


Seeking to master two separate dishes:

  1. Aglio e Olio
  2. Chocolate Tart

At the moment I’m making one of each every week to gradually refine it down. Have the fresh pasta for the Aglio e Olio down pat at the moment. Little bit unsure on the ratio of olive oil to pasta though, think I had a bit too much pasta in the most recent one.

Chocolate tart continues to come along. Trying out different bases for the ganache at the moment as well as different sizes of tart.

Other Things